Thoughts from the PTO President

As a newly elected leader of a successful group, there’s a lot of excitement and pressure. The pressure to do well if not better than those before you. Coming into this I was excited. I’ve been shadowing and training for 2 years to learn all the ins and outs of this job. Eager to work with new people and implement new ideas. I am still excited, more like nervousited.

Covid has brought me to a weird place. So much uncertainty. I feel lost, all that I have learned may not be implemented at all this year. Maybe this year will be easy and I’ll sit back and do nothing … Who am I kidding? I like to keep busy. Plus the school still needs funding and support.

What am I doing then?

Well, I did create a tentative calendar. I put in the dates when we would normally hold our events like Minimum Movie Day, Fall Festival, and Holiday Store.

I’ve been looking over the business end of our group and found our Bylaws. They are 13 years old.  I hope to form a task force to update them. I want our group to have a more clear understanding of our roles and solidarity.

I want to recruit more volunteers and sustain them. We have such a wonderful community at our school but feel many are disconnected.

I’ve been thinking of new ideas to fundraise from a distance and would love to hear from others.

I look forward to getting to know everyone, even if  I only know you as Joey’s Mom. I can’t wait to return to school to meet you, but for now, don’t be a stranger and reach out to me via email or Facebook.




Our Parent Teacher Organization consists of parents and teachers working together. Through our fundraising, we provide school needs to help support school staff and to help students succeed.

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